Noela Estrada

Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Cello, and Flute Lessons in Eugene

Noela Estrada - Piano, Violin, and Clarinet Teacher in Eugene, Oregon Noela Estrada - Piano, Violin, and Clarinet Teacher in Eugene, Oregon

Noela teaches lessons on the clarinets, saxophones, flute, violin, cello, and piano in Eugene at Music Masters. She has performed with many groups including the Oregon Wind Ensemble, ASU Jazz Repertory Band, and Salem Youth Symphony.


How’d you end up at Music Masters?

As pitifully cheesy as it may sound, my life’s purpose is to teach. My friend mentioned that Music Masters needed a woodwind and piano teacher, and it all fell into place.


What sparked your passion for music?

The feeling that occurred from playing songs and connecting with an instrument and other musicians was the first time in my short life where I had felt like something clicked with who I was. We all need a niche in this life, and this was mine. I am lucky to have found it so soon, as some people sadly never find what they are passionate about. It was such a strong feeling of love and understanding for music that I knew it had to be a big part of my life.


How’d your music go from there?

It all started when I was ten, when I started with the viola. To make a 13 year-long story short, through various elementary, middle, and high schools (military kid), I learned the clarinet(s), flute, baritone and alto saxophones, piano, and euphonium, while still playing viola. Clarinet and bass clarinet ended up being my favorites, and so those became my main focus. I performed so much in high school, to a degree that was overwhelming to my poor parents. Oops.


Who would you most wanna jam with?

Trey Anastasio, David Gilmour, or Animal the Muppet.



What do you express through your music?

That question is a big one. Lots.


Your message to aspiring artists?

Do not ever deny yourself your creativity. If you have an idea, whatever it is or how “silly” you think it may seem, harness it, and feed it. The only reason you may think it is silly anyway is because of other people, not you. It will be the best thing you ever do to enrich your life and passions, and those of others around you, too.



Noela teaches:


Piano Lessons

Violin Lessons

Viola Lessons

Cello Lessons

Clarinet Lessons

Alto Saxophone Lessons

Tenor Saxophone Lessons

Flute Lessons


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