Hank Shreve

Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Piano, and Bass Guitar Lessons

Hank teaches guitar, harmonica, drums, piano, and bass guitar at Music Masters. So if you want to learn harmonica, Hank's your guy!

How’d you end up at Music Masters?

I was walking by and I just happened to see it. I had been teaching for awhile so I thought I’d come in and check it out.


Did you have a resume?

Yeah, it was weird, I just happened to have one with me, I was applying at a couple other places around town.  The owner had heard about me and after we jammed and chatted I was hired.


What sparked your passion for music?

I grew up in a musical family, my mom and dad were musicians in different bands.  All my music teachers in school were cool too.


How’d your music go from there?

It got better and better.  Started going on the road with a couple of bands, played in the jazz band at LCC and met a lot of really cool people.  I’ve started my own band and I teach.

Who would you most wanna jam with?

Stevie Wonder 


What do you express through your music?

Heart and soul, I don’t really think about what I’m playing too much, I overthink things.  It’s important to play with every kind of feeling with your instrument.  Music’s been a really good outlet for expression.


Your message to aspiring artists?

Never stop playing and always practice.  It’s important to be a good ear player and it’s important to be a good theoretical player.  Always play from the heart.



Hank teaches:


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