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Sam Mendoza - Guitar Teacher

Guitar Teacher in Eugene, Oregon - Sam Mendoza Guitar Teacher in Eugene, Oregon - Sam Mendoza

How'd you end up at Music Masters?


I heard about Music Masters through a friend who was already teaching there. I knew I wanted to teach guitar lessons, but I've been enjoying teaching piano and ukulele lessons just as much.


What sparked your passions for music? 


My dad was super influential to my early musical upbringing, initially introducing me to piano and saxophone. When I was 10, I picked up guitar for the first time and that really sparked a lot of passion and motivation to learn and make music.


How'd you music go from there?


I started going to rock camps in middle school where I was introduced to the electric guitar. Did Jazz Band all throughout high school, started playing in bands. Studied jazz guitar at the University of Oregon and now I'm still in Eugene teaching lessons, playing in bands, and booking and organizing shows.


Who would you most wanna jam with?


The list is too long. I'd love to play alongside Isaiah Sharkey, whether in his solo stuff or with D'Angelo's live band. Others include Thundercat, JD Beck, Louis Cole, Julian Lage, and too many assorted L.A. musicians I obssess over through Instagram.


What do you express through your music?


Lately it's been a lot about expressing grief; whether it be loss or life changes/big transitions. I want to bring the dark stuff to light but in a way that's universal to many and sincere. I admire songwriters that can be very matter of fact with their lyrics, although it's a fun challenge decrypting those that are cryptic.


What is your message to aspiring artists?

Keep a journal! Write write write (even if writing isn't your main medium, do it). You'll find out a lot about how you feel and who you are. Make a lot of poopy art to hone in your craft, the stuff you'll be proud of comes through that work. Be open to constructive criticism; it's there to help you grow, not break you down

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