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Nancy Meston - Fiddle Teacher

Fiddle Teacher in Eugene, Oregon - Nancy Meston

Nancy teaches fiddle, violin, viola and piano lessons at Music Masters. Nancy studied music at the University of Oregon School of Music.



How’d you end up at Music Masters?
I know one of the teachers here and it looked like they might have room for a string teacher so I reached out to Zak.  I have taught in the past and was not sure if I wanted to start again.  Noela happened to be going on vacation and I subbed for her string & piano students while she was gone and fell in love.  
What sparked your passion for music?
Listening to my older sisters play the piano.  I begged my mom for lessons and started a 5 years old.  Also, my string teacher when I started violin in the 4th grade, Mrs “B” (Gay Blakenship), was absolutely infectious about music.
How’d your music go from there?
Music and I have a long and windy road.  I played violin all through high school, sang in the choir, played bass with the jazz choir, taught myself guitar, picked up viola my senior year and ended up going to the UofO on a partial viola scholarship.   During college my bow arm gave out and I did not think I would play music again.  I could not live without music and started back up playing in a rock/blues band and have learned a lot about amplification but I was really limited to how much I could physically play.  I had major shoulder surgery about 5 years ago. I am healthy and so excited to play as much as I want!  I just recently went on a six week world tour playing viola with the producer TroyBoi which is somewhere I never would have thought my classical music roots would taken me. 
Who would you most wanna jam with?
Anyone that is willing to jam with me!  Really, I love jamming with other musicians.  You always learn something and it is a great way to push yourself.
What do you express through your music?
I used to be embarrassed and shy about playing - I still can be sometimes. The connections you make when you let go into the music playing with others and for others is so exciting.  Learning to let me emotions come out in my music took my longer than I would like to admit, I was to timid and worried.  Once you do - a whole new world opens, conversations not limited to words and it is so much fun.

Your message to aspiring artists?
Music takes commitment and practice.  The more fun you have along the way, the easier it is to practice.  Music is not about perfection, it is about the experience.  The more you give the more you receive back.  Don’t be afraid to play loud and proud!


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