Emily Brooks - Voice and Piano Teacher

Emily Brooks - Piano and Voice Teacher in Eugene, Oregon Emily Brooks - Piano and Voice Teacher in Eugene, Oregon

Emily teaches voice and piano at Music Masters. She has a background performing and teaching in Classical, Musical Theatre, and Pop music.


How’d you end up at Music Masters?

I moved from California to Oregon about two years ago, and since I moved I've worked as a server, a legal assistant, and a dental assistant. However, I really missed teaching music, so I called Music Masters and they just so happened to be looking for a voice and piano teacher at that time!


What sparked your passion for music?

I come from a very musical family, and I began taking piano lessons at the age of 4, because my older siblings took piano lessons and I wanted to be just like them. Even at such an early age I fell in love with music and couldn't get enough!


How’d your music go from there?

I continued with piano lessons, and then around the age of 7 I began to take voice lessons too. I joined choir and became very involved in musical theater, which continued throughout middle school and high school. After that I continued with my music education at CSU Long Beach where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.


Who would you most wanna jam with?

Freddie Mercury, Eva Cassidy and Jason Robert Brown


What do you express through your music?

That’s the great thing about music - you can use it to express anything! It's such a great outlet for all different types of emotion.


Your message to aspiring artists?

Don't be afraid to like music that might not be the cool or popular music. Pursue music that makes you happy!



Emily teaches:


Voice Lessons

Piano Lessons

Call us at: 541.461.8000


Business Hours:

1-8pm Monday-Friday

Saturday and Sunday by appointment only


380 E 40th Ave,

Eugene, OR 97405


Email inquiries:



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