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The deadline for the Film Festival video upload is THIS Friday. What needs to be included?


Please send:1) Submit the short intent-to-participate form on our website here
                     2) the video of the student’s performance
                     3) a short 3-5 second clip of them doing a pose (such as a bow, a spin, a jump) so that we can introduce the student before their song starts. 


If you have any questions, please e-mail, or call 541-461-8000 and ask for Noela. 







Dear Festival Families!


There are 16 days until the submissions are due for our first ever music video film festival. Here are some updates that you need to know. 


Tips on Filming:


  1. Be prepared. This is a performance, so the student should have their song prepared as if it were an in-person recital. They should be ready to film at least a couple of days before the film festival. To film a video, it may take a few tries before getting the one you like. 

  2. Plan ahead. When uploading the video, use the most reliable and fast method you have of doing so. Also make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. Sometimes, videos can take hours to upload. If you have a phone that is linked to Google, your phone may automatically back-up the video to Google Photos. In that case, simply send us a shareable link to the video and we will be able to access it.

  3. Plan ahead even more. We would suggest trying to upload the video at least one day before the festival, in case you run into any uploading problems. If you are sharing a video FILE with us for the video, we would also suggest sending that to us ahead of time in case it takes a while to attach the video. 

  4. Student Spotlight. Be sure that we can see the face and the instrument of the performer. Film in a space that has good lighting. Try to avoid having extra sounds going off in the background (dogs barking, blending milkshakes, etc.)


Signature Pose/Move!


Please have your student also submit a short (3-5 seconds) clip of them doing a pose or move of their choice. This is intended to give us time to introduce the student before they play. Some poses ideas are: bow, spin, arms crossed, instrument resting posture (if applicable), a dance move, a jump-kick…..the list goes on! 


In total, you will need to SUBMIT TWO VIDEOS: 1) signature move/pose (3-5 seconds) and 2) their performance (up to six minutes)


Please let us know if you have any questions!


-Music Masters Staff






Only 21 days left until the DEADLINE for the upcoming Music Masters Film Festival. Remember to submit your video file or shareable link to by October 9th at 11:59 PM.


For naming files, please include the first and last name of the student performing and their instrument. For instance: 



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