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Drum and Piano Lessons in Eugene

River Reinking - Drum and Piano Teacher in Eugene, Oregon

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How’d you end up at Music Masters?

I was originally brought in as a sub drum teacher in Eugene, but after talking to a few of the instructors I became the newest drum and piano instructor myself; Happy to be here!



What sparked your passion for music?

My dad’s drumming when I was a child, he would set up pots and pans for me to bang on, there’s video of it, it’s cool. Sat me at a drum kit when I was 5 and I haven’t ever really looked back. My love for music only grows. I love to help both adults and kids learn to play drums and piano.


How’d your music go from there?

Took me a while to pick up anything else other than drums seriously, but around 18 I got into songwriting and bought an electric piano. Thus my next love was born. From there I continued to work on my chops and am currently writing music everyday.



Who would you most wanna jam with?

Dustin Kensrue, Paul McCartney, Gavin Harrison, Casey Crescenzo, Nice people.



What do you express through your music?

I hope to express an open mind, an ability to flow as an artist. I want colorful music . To think as a musician more than a drummer or a piano player, or someone pounding a synth. It’s so important to explore as a musician, I hope to inspire that through lessons as a drum teacher.



Your message to aspiring artists?

Explore. Play what you feel like; play what you hear. Don’t be afraid to be really, really, really bad at something, just try. Listen to music you don’t usually, there’s value there. Honor the technique.

River teaches:
Drum Lessons
Piano Lessons

Call us at: 541.461.8000


Business Hours:

1-8pm Monday-Friday

Saturday and Sunday by appointment only


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