Music Masters has two branches to its philosophy - the Mission Statement and the Platinum Method. 


The Music Masters Mission Statement:


1. Making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone


2. Children need exposure to the true variety of musical styles and instruments to appreciate the art to its fullest.


3. We believe that the greatest power in this world is education.


4. Music must not be allowed to die out of daily life through lack of support.


5. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality music education available.



Our mission is to expose the greatest number of people to the greatest number of instruments. This will help grow the music community as a whole as we create more players and more jobs.



To achieve these goals we offer music education for musicians of all levels, from absolute beginners, junior high, high school seniors looking to major in music, to advanced professional players. Our students range in age from 4 to 90 on every instrument you can imagine.



We encourage musical exploration, positive reinforcement and believe that everyone has a musical voice. Our job is to help you find your voice. 


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The Platinum Method - from the teachers handbook


  1. Love your students. Get to know them as people, focus on the little details and you will learn more about them than they know themselves.

  2. Analyze yourself. Become hyper aware of how your students respond to you, look for minute differences between different types & ages of students. Use this knowledge like a mirror, to see your own teaching through their eyes.

  3. Focus on efficiency. We have limited time with each student and we must make the most out of every moment. Use your knowledge of each student, and your own teaching style to make the most efficient teaching decisions possible.

  4. Change is a positive force. Be flexible, and be willing to pivot your entire belief system in a moment. Be ready to roll with the punches & be coach-able.

  5. Teaching is learning. Learning is constantly expanding & creates value. Learn from each student, learn from each teacher and each interaction you have here.  




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